Monday, August 17, 2009

Phil Gingrey is a psychotic cowardly pandering asshole

Phil Gingrey is a psychotic cowardly pandering asshole. He thinks it's perfectly OK for people to bring guns to Presidential events.

If "patriots" had brought guns to public events by that sociopath Bush or that pants-wetting torture-fantasist Cheney, they would have been blown away by the Praetorian Guard before they ever got within a mile of the venue.

Why again isn't it happening to these nuts?

Thought for the day: guns at town halls = cowardice

Thought for the day:

Anybody who thinks he can only make his "point" by bringing an automatic weapon to a political meeting, discussion, or rally is copping to the fact that he hasn't got the guts, brains, or vocabulary to stand up for his opinions without it.

Anybody toting a gun to a public event is a grandstanding, balls-shriveled coward.

[Updated to add]
Rachel Maddow agrees; calls it "Guns 'n' Poses"

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Big Dog!

He's a compulsive, infantile, egomaniac and he can't keep his dick in his pants.

And he's still more competent than that sociopathic little monster the Rehnquist anointed President in 2000.

They hated Clinton for the same reasons that the teabaggers hate Obama: they hate someone can be a compulsive, infantile, promiscuous egomaniac, or a cool, cerebral, overconfident, "community organizer", and still be more competent than they are.

Why they really hate Obama? He's the offspring of a single parent who got through Harvard Law School on sheer brains and balls, and he's a BLACK MAN. He instantly gives the lie to all the comfortable Fox News that the low-information voters tell themselves: as I said to my buddy Coop, to the wingnut base, "it's always somebody else's fault."

Jon Stewart, as always, nails it:
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After 8 years of Junior's incompetent sabre-rattling, and a downward spiral of worsening hazard b/w USA and extremist regimes around the globe, in 30 hours the Big Dog reverses the course of US/N Korea relations and wins release of journalists Laura Lee and Euna Ling.

Incredible slideshow from Talking Points Memo.

I love the sound of wingnut heads exploding in the morning. It sounds like...VICTORY.