Saturday, February 7, 2009

Unholy glee

Just heard a report on NPR this morning, en route to the cross-trainer, describing Biden's recent statement to NATO members that the Obama Administration (just typing those words makes me think of the wingnut heads that must explode across the country when they even hear it) wanted to "hit the re-set button" on foreign policy.

And can I just cop to the sense of unholy glee I get when I arrive in the Rec Center's parking lot and see the occasional GMC Tahoe or gigantic pickup truck with the kill-opposing-traffic grill guard or fuckin' Hummer with the (now-peeling) "McCain-Palin" bumper sticker that the nimrod driving is still proudly sporting (as opposed to the frat kids, who were equally fervent McC-P supporters but got rid of the bumper stickers or yard sticks on or before Nov 4, because they are so unaccustomed to and embarassed by being, for fucking once, on the losing side), and I see the fading bumper sticker on the obscene gas-guzzling badly-designed piece of Detroit iron being driven by some asshole who thinks that "buy Amurkin" means we have to put up with whatever careless, greedy, incompetent (social or technical) engineering the oligarchs chose to inflict upon us, and I think, with blissful, unholy glee, "Yeah, motherfucker...and your guys lost! How's that whole 'dignity in defeat' thing working out for you? Whaddya think Rush would have to say about that!"

I am some jeezly glad that we have finally got some competent, confident, intelligent grownups in charge, instead of the wet-dreaming draft-dodging, tax-avoiding, Jack-Bauer-fellating scumbags who have been. Oh, and isn't great the way that Junior, the "knowing lion" that Franks of Arizona called him (really, what deeply silly people), has emerged as such a magisterial post-Presidency figure?

Where the fuck is that little bastard? Disappearing into a bottle in his gated Preston Hollow mansion with all the rest of them, most likely. Whatever, it's better than he deserves.

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