Friday, April 24, 2009

They're losing

Public forum in Maine, pro/anti- legalization of gay marriage. All the usual wingnut objections raised, and then this man stood up to speak:
an 86 year-old World War II veteran addressed the committee. He explained how he had served in Patton's Third Army, took part in the Battle of the Bulge, and was among the forces that liberated Paris. His wife died in 1992. They had four children, one of whom is gay. In a halting, raspy voice trembling with emotion, he said:

"American freedom and equality made this a nation worth dying for. We must have equal rights for everyone. That’s what this nation is all about. My wife and I did not raise our four sons with the idea that three of them would have full rights and one, who happens to be gay, would be left out."

I hope those "defenders of American values", at that moment, felt their alleged "souls" shriveling up like potato chips.

This man went through the winter of '44-'45 in the Ardennes Forest.

Sacrifice, anyone?

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Damn straight.

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