Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Identity politics bites Brandeis in the butt


Brandeis Says It Plans to Sell Art Collection to Raise Cash

They're having to do this because big chunks of their annual giving as well as their permanent endowment came from Jewish alumni, who were among the demographic groups most directly targeted by Bernard Madoff's psychotic Ponzi scheme. For non-profits and universities, it's a double-whammy: their usual donors (the $3 million/year couples, that sort of thing) are scaling way back, and the university's own investments with Madoff took a horrific hit. Madoff apparently intentionally went after wealthy, educated, and/or progressive Jewish folks and institutions.

There is some kind of karmic payback operating here: Brandeis--and, far more tragically, her students--are being burned because of precisely the same kind of identity politics that has led the university to give academic legitimacy to the most contemptible Zionist apologists for Israeli ethnic cleansing in Gaza and Palestine. Are you listening, Alan Dershowitz?!?

It sucks.

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