Saturday, October 25, 2008

All your racists are belong to you

Just like the Civil Rights Era: the oligarchs whipped-up the fascist base to do the dirty work, and keep their own patrician hands clean, and then claimed "no one could ever had predicted" that the fascist base would revert to their most blatant racist instincts:
From the very beginning, there were consistencies and inconsistencies in Ashley Todd's narrative about the alleged attack she suffered. The inconsistencies were within the story itself (the reverse "B" most obviously). The consistencies were with a long, long history of lies about blacks that are inescapably linked with racism in all its forms, from slavery, through segregation, through the "colorblind" racism of the present day. Both leaped out at me as the story exploded. Among the consistencies were the 4,742 identified lynchings from 1882 to 1964.
No, Clarence Thomas, what you "suffered" when Anita Hill had the courage to call you on your imbecilic sexual harassment was not a "lynching". Nor was this:

I won't link to it, but...Ashley? Clarence? You want to know the actual history you both exploited?

It's right here:

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