Monday, October 20, 2008

Family Guy nails the McCain-Palin "Real Americans"

NB: Let it be clear that I do not believe that the people screaming "Kill him!" at Palin's Nuremberg Rallies are the core constituency of the Republican Party. But I do believe that, over the last 8 years--and really since '94, with the Gingrich "Revolution"--much more rational people in the Republican party have allowed their GOP to be taken over by the most rabid kind of cross-burning gay-bashing lunatics. And the last 8 years have seen that lunatic fringe take over all branches of government. We have to destroy that party because the people controlling it are such complete and utter psychos--or are willing to sell out to said psychos in a last-ditch Hitler-in-the-bunker attempt to hold power.

That said, heeeerrrrreeeee's Stewie!

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