Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The difference between street-fighters and flyboys

Community organizers understand street-fights:
"If the American people don't get the information that is relevant about these candidates and instead in the last four weeks all they are hearing about are smears and Swift Boat tactics that can have an impact on the election. We have seen it before, and this election is too important to be sitting on the sidelines. If Senator McCain wants to focus on the issues then that is what we focus on. But if Senator McCain wants to have a character debate that is one that we're willing to have."
The money-quote?
"One of the things we've done during this campaign: we don't throw the first punch.

But we'll throw the last."
It's the old job-site test. There's a reason that lobbyists and Rich Bastards support McCain, and that poor folks, brown folks, women, and rock 'n' rollers support Obama. As Hunter Thompson said, in the great Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail 1972:
Humphrey tried to go into Miami with a little bit of bargaining power left, but McGovern's merciless young street-fighters chopped him down with all the rest.
Take a number, John. You're about to get your long-past-due ticket punched, too.

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