Wednesday, October 8, 2008

This is how you win when it's life and death

In the glory years (recently departed) of the New England Patriots, before Brady had been injured and before the ridiculous "Video-gate" accusations against Bill Belichek, for doing what every coach in the NFL did (e.g, tape the opposing team's signals), the two were sometimes asked why, when they were beating the living shit out of some opponent by 20 or more points, they would not let up, but instead would "run up" the score by 30 or 40. As if guys with the mental and physical toughness to make it to the NFL would "have their feelings hurt" by being beaten 30 or 40 instead 0f 20. It was a ridiculous accusation, which says more about the degree to which victim politics has saturated our culture, taking over even stadia full of football fans.

Some thing applies to the coming Republican obliteration. They're going to get creamed at every and in virtually every race they're formerly accustomed to thinking as locked: statehouse, state governments, House, Senate, and Oval Office. I'm predicting 14-17 seats in the House, a minimum of 5 (and more likely 7 or so) in the Senate, and I'm predicting Obama by at least 6% of the popular vote and a huge majority of electoral votes.

And Obama's hellfire-and-damnation GOTV organizers and Internet geniuses are not letting up. And you know why? Because the two stolen elections of 2000 and 2004 have cost trillions in unnecessary debt, the destruction of America's moral standing in the world, and, oh yeah, maybe 100,000 civilian deaths. Not to mention the likely-irreversible destruction of the natural environment.

We need a huge crushing victory in the battleground states--a victory so big that Diebold and the Kathleen Harris's of the world can't steal it as they did twice before.

And you know what? We're going to get that victory. Check it out:
Swing State Registration Boom: Florida Dems Outpace GOP; Ohio Gains Almost 500,000 New Voters
Democrats in Florida have some reason for optimism today as the state party announced that, at the close of voter registration season on Monday, it had gained nearly 250,000 more voters this year than the Republican Party...Most striking is the net gain numbers, which factor in newly registered voters, party switchers and removes people who are no longer voters in Florida. Since January, the Florida Democratic Party has had a net gain of 415,580 voters, while the Republican Party of Florida has only gained 169,841. This shows that the gap between Democrats and Republicans in Florida has grown by 245,739 voters this year alone...In Florida, 82 percent of those new black voters registered as Democrats, with 15 percent identifying as independents, and only three percent marking themselves down as Republicans.

Meanwhile in Ohio, a spokesman from Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner's office told the Huffington Post that the state gained nearly 500,000 new voters over the course of the last nine months -- shooting from 7,676,986 voters on December 31 of last year to 8,172,229 as of last night. Ohio doesn't keep track of party or demographic information, but both state parties will surely be crunching the data ahead of "get out the vote" operations in the coming weeks.

We need a landslide victory so big they can't steal it. We can't afford anything other.

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