Friday, October 24, 2008


Years ago--at least 8 now--Dharmonia and I were living in Bloomington, Indiana, finishing up various protracted degrees. Amongst our great friends and lasting influences there were this community of Tibetan monks, who taught us, fed us, and provided us a spiritual home. We loved and love those guys and we are deeply, deeply indebted to them.

Had fun with them, too: they were/are great sports fans, loved the Indianapolis Colts and Indiana basketball (they thought it was riotously funny when we moved to Texas, shortly to be followed by this jackass). One night, Dharmonia's friend Sonja, just after she had gotten her first cell phone, had taken a bunch of the Buddha-boys to a Pacers game. About mid-way through that game, they all thought it would be a great idea to ring Dharmonia from that horrible blockhouse the Conseco fieldhouse, and yell "Waazzzzzuppppppp!!!!!!" a la the original Budweiser commercial:

I thought of the Buddha-boys when I saw this. Because they would have seen its truth:

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